A lot is riding on your trains. Safety is your priority, reliability your virtue. But you’re under intense pressure to maintain that high standard of safety and reliability as you evolve your infrastructure into the future. A critical asset in that effort is your communications network.

Today your communication networks are fragmented, often relying on legacy communications technology in a world of rapid communications technology advancement. Now is the time to take the train further.

You need a more intelligent, unified IP/MPLS communication network running alongside your infrastructure that provides reliable voice and data for control, operational and emergency communications, video protection, and, today, passenger connectivity.

Being on-time and safe have always been defining characteristics of the railway, but in today’s always connected world, there is a third priority: to keep passengers connected.

With our decades of experience in railway communications and our broad portfolio of products, Alcatel-Lucent can support mission-critical and other services on a single converged network that leverages your current infrastructure. With it, you reduce cost, improve efficiency and safety, and create new revenue streams by offering connected services to the customers demanding them. By taking the train further, you ensure on-time, safe, and connected journeys.

Solution at a Glance

On-Time, Safe and Connected Journeys demand Intelligent Communications

Intelligent Communication Network For Railways

Modern transportation systems demand intelligent communication networks running alongside Railways infrastructure that offer a path to reliable voice and data for train control, operational and emergency communications, multimedia collaboration, video protection and passenger connectivity. A robust, IP/MPLS-based ultra-broadband network from Alcatel-Lucent can support both mission-critical and less vital services, all on a single converged network, a key to our value proposition. This Intelligent Communication Networking solution is made of WDM Photonic Service Switches, Microwave Packet Radio equipments for backhauling, IP/MPLS Service Switches and Routers for the L2/L3 network as well as ruggedized Access Routers.

Solution Diagram for Railways