Public Safety

Be smarter, safer, and faster in responding to emergencies. Alcatel-Lucent provides first responders with secure mobile broadband networks that deliver mission-critical voice, data, and video services and applications.

Police, fire and rescue, ambulance, and emergency medical services need bandwidth-hungry geolocation, data and video capabilities. Alcatel-Lucent helps you deliver these services over a single, converged IP/MPLS-based ultra-broadband network and a packet microwave radio backhaul infrastructure.

With built-in security features, our best-in-class platforms help first responders run their operations more efficiently and securely.

And, to ensure interoperability among first responder agencies on-site, our converged network infrastructure is shared, while each agency retains control within a secure network environment. This approach optimizes operating expenses and improves the speed of service delivery.

In keeping with global trends for public safety spectrum allocation, our 4G LTE solution is offered in multiple frequency bands: at 400 MHz (in partnership with Airbus Defence and Space) as well as at 700 MHz to 2.6 GHz.

For areas not covered by permanent public safety networks, we offer our LTE microcore. This deployable system fits in trailers or cars—allowing first responders to communicate from anywhere.

Alcatel-Lucent has designed and built more than 70 public safety networks, and we operate the world’s largest terrestrial trunked radio network. Our teams have the experience and expertise to handle the most challenging public safety communications projects.

Saving time means saving lives. Contact us today.

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