Transforming Networks

Where mobile meets cloud- we help you transform your network and operations to an Open IP environment with industrial NFV and SDN. Learn how these new technologies will play a role in networks moving forward. From network and operations to the overarching applications- these changes will impact your network decisions and they provide an opportunity to make your network infrastructure more dynamic, efficient and relevant in the market. Much more than just voice and data- beyond the technology, we help you offer compelling customer communications and experiences, increasing customer loyalty and accelerating revenue.

Download the interactive guide
Learn how Mobile meets Cloud with Alcatel-Lucent in this interactive guide which provides a closer look at the demos along with links to help you dive even deeper into our solutions. In addition, we’ve included customer references from across the globe.

Mobile Meets Cloud

Mobile Meets Cloud with Cloud Communications Platform
Innovation is flourishing at the intersection between mobile broadband’s ubiquity and cloud computing’s agility: VoLTE and WebRTC coupled with NFV are set to yield a fast-emerging breed of applications and revolutionize telecommunications in the process. The most visible outcome entails mobile services that create new value by engaging in quality experiences.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Cloud Communications Platform (IMS, CloudBand’s NFV Management & Operations System and Cloud Nodes) is a modular solution engineered for multi-vendor environments. Conceived as a versatile architecture from the ground up, the Cloud Communications Platform injects programmability and dynamic automation to right-scale on demand, intelligently optimizing capacity and network resources by design.

The result is an application driven system that is carrier grade, extremely lean, cost effective and readily available to network operators and enterprises worldwide.

Mobile Meets Cloud with IP Mobile Core (vEPC)
The journey to NFV is moving from concept phase into field trials with the evolved packet core (EPC), the heart of the LTE network, as one of the key network functions being evaluated for early deployment. NFV brings the promise of quickly turning up new services and generating revenues with lower risk; increased network efficiency, and reduced costs. But in order to make this NFV network transformation seamlessly interoperate with the existing network, operators need to partner with experts that have experience and knowledge in designing and operating wireless, IP and cloud networks. As a leader in LTE and EPC with over 40 customers and a pioneer in carrier cloud networking, Alcatel-Lucent delivers a virtual EPC (vEPC) that provides the agility to rapidly create and expand new services while making the migration to NFV easy to implement. Come talk with our experts and see a demonstration of the vEPC

Advanced Mobile Services

Broadcast LTE - Redefining the Multimedia Experience
A clear advantage of LTE broadcast (eMBMS) is that it cost effectively distributes multi-media content to an unlimited number of end-users in the same geographical area. Through our end-to-end solution operators will be able to broadcast exciting new applications including video, music, apps and even device updates, all while preserving bandwidth for other services such as voice (VoLTE). In collaboration with a Tier I operator, device and application partners, we will show how broadcast LTE can transform a fan’s experience at a live stadium event. Their mobile will become a key part of their new sports experience, allowing them to customize their screen with views and content not available to public TV viewers. For the operator, LTE broadcast can introduce new customer experiences, new revenue opportunities and effective capacity utilization.

Innovation and Growth – the Real Value of VoLTE
Come see Alcatel-Lucent’s and AT&T’s demonstration of Voice over LTE (VoLTE).  VoLTE enriches the subscribers’ LTE experience, helps you move to an all-IP ecosystem, and puts you on the path to competitive services. In this demo you can see, hear and feel what is possible, including crisp HD audio, and other RCS services such as mobile video, presence and IP messaging, all with simultaneous 4G LTE data. Alcatel-Lucent is working with AT&T to help power its VoLTE services.

You will also see Alcatel-Lucent demonstrate improved web communications, which is readily achieved by extending the VoLTE network to WebRTC. Examples include an improved shopping experience and a tablet softphone for consumers & enterprise employees.

Alcatel-Lucent’s market-leading solution combines proven, robust VoLTE performance with the innovation of WebRTC. Our experience in preparing the world’s two largest VoLTE networks means that our products & people are ready to help you succeed with your VoLTE deployment. We can help you embark on a new communications journey of competitive, innovative apps.

Analytics-driven Customer Experience
Develop strategies to engage customers directly on the device – increase ARPU, lower OPEX, enhance experience & build brand loyalty.

  • Let your customers be in charge of service usage. Make it easier for them to discover, purchase and manage services, bundles and add-ons.
  • Minimize customer care calls. Offer self-care right on the device with built-in workflows to solve typical problems. Let them start a chat with a care agent or use proactive care to automatically detect the problem, resolve it and let the subscriber know you took care of it
  • Protect your customers from malware with a network-based malware protection that only a service provider can offer.
  • Tailor offers to subscriber usage and lifestyle. Detect when consumer matches a promotion’s criteria and encourage impulse purchase with contextual offers.

Underpinning this is Motive Big Network Analytics, which drives the right offers with the right information, provides subscriber service quality data for customer care workflows, detects malware on devices and provides usage and performance trends for operations/planning/marketing groups.