Accelerate revenue generation with a Virtualized Residential Gateway

Learn how to drive your revenue while being more cost-effective and efficient.

Alcatel Lucent

Respond to customer demand for more service innovation with a Virtualized Residential Gateway

Consumers have more and more choice in their smart devices and home appliances. And they are constantly looking for even more innovative solutions to enhance their lifestyle and experiences.

It’s up to the service provider to deliver these enhanced services. But how can you do this, while continuing to lower your capital and operational expenses?

A Virtualized Residential Gateway (vRGW) can help you meet these challenges with an enhanced service delivery architecture that delivers:

  • greater flexibility
  • reduced complexity
  • the ability to rapidly deploy new and innovative services

Download our white paper to read more about the Virtualized Residential Gateway. The white paper discusses:

  • the main building blocks of the vRGW architecture
  • key benefits to service providers
  • important considerations for planning and deployment