5,504 smartphone consumers can't be wrong

What are smartphone consumers looking for in new communications services?

We asked them. And some of their answers are surprising. We surveyed over five thousand smartphone consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and Brazil in the first quarter of 2015. We gauged interest, expectations and willingness to pay for possible near-term and future service concepts. We discovered seven opportunities for new mobile services in communications, the Internet of Things and enterprise services.


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  • "I See You!" – From Voice to Video
  • "Set the Bar High" in Wi-Fi® Calling
  • "There’s an App for That!" – Mobile Calling and Texting
  • "Revenue Ahead" – Service Innovation Ideas
  • "Disposable Me" in the Era of Privacy
  • "Kick It Up a Notch" in Business-to-Consumer Interactions
  • "Call Me – Maybe" – in the Internet of Things