NEW NFV mini-series:

Bridging the gap between legacy and the cloud

NFV looks great from a technical perspective. But can it deliver what customers want?

By now a lot of the network functions virtualization (NFV) promises have been shown to be technically feasible. In fact, ETSI has carried out some 38 proof-of-concept demonstrations to prove it.

But can NFV provide the same reliability, availability, and manageability as traditional network solutions. What if something goes wrong? What if there is a failure? Who is to blame?

Learn the answers to these questions ‒ and more ‒ in our white paper mini-series on bridging the gap between legacy functions and the cloud.

What you'll get:

Root cause analysis in NFV

Learn how to eliminate finger-pointing and identify the source of a failure across the layered NFV architecture.

Monitoring challenges

In NFV, failures might not be visible or not have an immediate impact on applications. Find out about Deduced Alerts and how they can help.

High availability

Discover how to maintain NFV solutions in an operational state with well-known and newly available concepts from the cloud.

Alcatel Lucent

And that's not all ...

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Bridging the gap between legacy and the cloud

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