Use scalable network capacity and network intelligence to deliver differentiated services

The High Leverage Network™ (HLN) is a scalable, intelligent and efficient all-IP network that delivers differentiated services rapidly and cost effectively. Using HLN as a platform, service providers can leverage network intelligence and customer knowledge to deliver personalized services and applications that enhance the customer experience. HLN increases return on investment (ROI) by maximizing customer yield, generating new revenue and enabling new business models.

Converge to a scalable, intelligent,
efficient all-IP network

With HLN, you can address the bandwidth explosion. Boost network capacity and increase performance. Implement high capacity fiber and copper access, converge aggregation and mobile backhaul, and combine 100G optics and 100G Ethernet. HLN delivers bandwidth and network intelligence using 400G network processors and 400G electro-optics that minimize cost per bit and improve operational efficiency.

Towards a converged backbone. Your IP and Optics assets working together to maximize your profits.

Rethink the IP core

Address core network growth with the Alcatel-Lucent 7950 Extensible Routing System (XRS). The7950 XRS is a versatile platform that combines scale and capability with the flexibility to address future needs. Increase network capacity gracefully with a core router that delivers 5x the density and reduces power and space costs by 50% over five years

Scale, efficiency and versatility on a single platform. Get a core router as powerful and innovative as the internet it supports.

Rise above the mobile data storm

Deliver network capacity and performance where and when they are needed with the innovative lightRadio™ approach. Support for end-to-end LTE, lightRadio Wi-Fi and small cells enables you to flexibly meet future mobile network capacity and coverage needs. At the same, you can take advantage of a risk-free migration from 2G and 3G to 4G — and beyond.

lightRadio™ Evolve your wireless broadband network for the new generation of applications and users.

Energize the IP edge

Complexity and cost can also be eliminated with a converged all-IP service edge that collapses multiple service silos onto common platforms. This approach lets service providers combine subscriber/service/application-awareness with embedded network intelligence such as QoS, caching and traffic optimization to deliver differentiated services across residential, business and mobile services.

An all-IP service edge gives you the flexibility and granularity to simplify service deployment and accelerate time to revenue.

Get to Fast faster

The challenge for service providers is to deliver more bandwidth to more subscribers - quickly. With high capacity fiber and copper access solutions, you can increase network capacity and deliver ultra-fast broadband - in the most cost-effective way. Delivering multiple services over a converged all-IP access network incurs minimal costs, while delivering the performance users expect and generating lasting social, economic and environmental benefits.

Meet the demands for fixed access and bring high bandwidth copper and fiber to more people today.

Any-G mobile infrastructure

All-IP mobile backhaul ensures the network capacity needed to support the explosion of mobile broadband traffic. With intelligent traffic management, wireless-specific resources can be managed to ensure the network is performing optimally. And the ultimate wireless packet core provides an all-IP network with service-aware packet core. An infrastructure that meets the stringent requirements of LTE as well as 2G to 3G renovation and expansion.

Intelligent Traffic Management - moving beyond basic congestion control.