Dynamic Communications for Highways

Road operators are seeking to improve operational use of transport infrastructure and services. Emerging Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) enable optimal management of traffic flows and development of new revenue opportunities.  Alcatel-Lucent’s Dynamic Communications for Highways allow road and toll companies to increase service efficiency by delivering:

  • Better control of traffic and security
  • Enhanced vehicle passenger and worker safety
  • Optimized road usage by providing drivers with key information

Fully integrated Alcatel-Lucent solutions offer a secure, highly reliable communications architecture, suitable for both inter-urban and urban road operators. The customized, end-to-end solutions improve communication system supervision and control of data traffic. The converged networks deliver reliable voice, video and data applications, including critical services like ANPR and video cameras, ERTs, MIDAS, weather stations, variable message signs, and dedicated FM radio sites. Including the Alcatel-Lucent Intelligent Travel Time System (ITTS) solution, highway agencies and traffic authorities are able to provide travel time and alternative route planning and travelers to track and react to traffic issues in real time on their smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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