National, regional and local government

Governments are becoming more responsive and service-oriented with Alcatel-Lucent information and communications technologies. And they’re transforming themselves into smart governments with our all-IP, ultra-broadband communications platform, government cloud architecture, and machine-to-machine platform.

All-IP, ultra-broadband communications
Our converged network infrastructure can be shared by multiple departments. This allows them to optimize operating expenses and improve the speed of service delivery. At the same time, each department keeps control inside a secure network environment.

Government cloud architecture
Our cloud architecture delivers greater efficiency and elasticity in the use of distributed datacenter resources. Streamline sharing and control of digital assets with centralized management and compute-and-storage virtualization.

High-performance wireless network
Enable machine-to-machine communications. Our wireless network interconnects intelligent sensors using our service enablement platform. This supports a wide range of government services including:

  • Transportation
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Smart buildings
  • Smart administration

Alcatel-Lucent’s experienced implementation teams – equipped with Bell Labs know-how – bring proven success in smart government projects. We can work with you to create faster and better e-government service delivery, with greater accountability and transparency.

The result is a more prosperous and sustainable future for your citizens.

Are you ready to build a smarter community? Contact us today.

Solution at a Glance

Solution at a glance diagram