A Step Towards Employment

In South Africa, 42% of the total population are 19 years of age or younger. According to the Department of Education, Grade 11 (1 year before Matric High school degree) records the highest repetition of all grades and more generally school leavers are ill prepared to enter higher education institutions.

Rolled out in 2010 by Valued Citizens Initiative and Alcatel-Lucent Foundation partnership, Bridging for Life program focused on 6 public high schools in rural and township communities from three provinces namely Gauteng – SG Mafaesa and Forte' Secondary Schools, Free State – Mohato and Thalabodiba Secondary Schools and Limpopo – Bokamoso and Mphengwa Secondary Schools. So far, 204 students have successfully qualified certification under the program.

Region: South Africa, EMEA
Focus Area: Life Skills Training, Professional Mentoring, Personal Mentoring
Program Name: Bridging for Life
Partner: Valued Citizens Initiative
Alcatel-Lucent Contact: Sherine Aziez

Benefits and Expectations

The Bridging for Life Program will address 300 Grade 11 students and post matriculates in high schools where pass rate is above 65%. They have shown ability to learn and succeed, but encounter difficulties to further their education, either due to deficient preparation or socio- economic environment. Underserved areas are targeted in 3 provinces: Limpopo, Free State and Gauteng.

The program modules will focus on developing essential life skills which are necessary all life long to succeed as a student, as a worker but also as a citizen: self discipline, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, communications kills, respect and values.

Projects are also supported by South Africa's Department of Education, GDF Suez, Credit Agricole and Renault.

Employee Involvement Mode
  • Mentorship sessions whereby Alcatel-Lucent employees motivate and inspire the youth
  • School visits during training on the various modules with Alcatel-Lucent volunteers

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