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Under ConnectEd Indonesia, World Education partners with local NGO Yayasan Bina Insan Mandiri (YABIM) to support disadvantaged youth from around the Depok area of greater Jakarta. The student population includes street children, migrants, and children who have dropped out of school in the past year.

Young people participating in the program receive school scholarships, tutoring, and coaching to help them pass national exams, as well as workplace preparedness training and leadership training to improve civic engagement and empower young people to help themselves and their communities.

In particular, the program has a strong focus on increasing access to and training for both students and teachers in information communication technology (ICT) skills. Facility with these technologies will enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and also provide youth with the skills they need to succeed in the job market.

In total, 1,417 youth will benefit from ConnectEd in Indonesia.

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The participation of Alcatel-Lucent Indonesia employees is a crucial feature of ConnectEd in Indonesia. Employees are influencing the lives of the young people in ConnectEd by hosting youth development events such as learning fairs, hosting tutorial days to prepare students for national exams, helping with workshops on ICT and career development, helping students take part in enriching activities like art, sports, music, and homework, and collecting funds for much needed hygiene products to maintain the health of boarding students.

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ConnectEd Indonesia will deliver services through a partnership with local NGO partner Yayasan Bini Ina Mandiri (YABIM), based in Depok, a suburb of Jakarta. YABIM was initially founded in October 2000 to support the education of street children living at and around the Depok bus terminal. Within the first six years of the organization, non-formal education provided by volunteers was the organization's primary service. However, by 2006 these informal activities had become so large and organized that they decided to formalize the school as a community learning centre.

YABIM is now a government-certified provider of both formal and non-formal education, and also provides counseling services, vocational skills training and health/nutrition support. At present, YABIM is operated by a permanent board with 125 volunteer staff, including 43 full time residential teachers, and provides services to over 1,400 beneficiaries annually.


Ayi Nurmalaila
ConnectEd Program Coordinator,
World Education Indonesia

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