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In China, ConnectEd works with disadvantaged migrant communities in the outskirts of Beijing and Shanghai. The children living in these communities are at an educational and social disadvantage as they are often excluded from the formal school system and other government services. ConnectEd also works with children in the rural province of Henan whose parents have migrated in search of work. These children are often left in their hometowns without proper guidance and protection, and suffer from abuse, poor physical health, and the psychological impact of lengthy separations from their parents.

Under ConnectEd, World Education has partnered with a number of local organizations to offer quality education and skills training programs to out-of-school migrant youth. The program also assists schools in helping migration-affected children remain in school longer and gain skills to transition successfully into the work force.

The program has a strong focus on increasing access to and training for both students and teachers in information communication technology (ICT) skills. Facility with these technologies will enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom and also provide youth with the skills they need to succeed in the job market.

In total, more than 3,220 youth will benefit from ConnectEd in China.

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In China, ASB employees engage with the ConnectEd program through assistance with computer donations, ICT teacher training, mentoring, providing assistance to newly arrived migrant youth, interview simulations, clothing and book donations, scholarship distribution, and co-facilitating various classes and activities. In Shanghai in particular, employees are able to "Adopt a School" and assist with ICT training to migrant school teachers, and take ConnectEd youth on various one-day field trips around the city. ASB employees have also participated in ConnectEd China’s “Small Eyes Big World” life skills course, which gives migrant students the opportunity to use digital photography to document their surrounding communities and to share their stories.

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In China, World Education partners with a number of NGOs and migrant schools to implement ConnectEd. HandsOn Shanghai is a Shanghai-based international NGO founded by a group of young international professionals in 2004, which focuses on promoting volunteerism through coordinating charitable programs for individuals, corporate and college student volunteers in the areas of education, children's health, elderly care, facility improvement and environmental protection.

Working Ants is a Beijing-based organization that provides technical assistance to grassroots NGOs and individuals in program bookkeeping and auditing services. It also assists coordinating and implementing programs in areas of student life skills and job preparation training for in-school children and out-of-school youth in the Beijing area.

The Practical Skills Training Centre for Rural Women promotes the advancement and personal development of migrant female youth and women in Changping District of Beijing. The centre was founded in response to increasing numbers of rural women entering Beijing to seek work and provides opportunities to participate in a variety of training and education classes. The centre caters mainly to migrant females who are identified through the Department of Labor and the Women's Federation throughout China. Selection criteria prioritize those migrant women and female youth from the western, rural, remote, poor and ethnic minority areas of the country, as well as populations affected by natural disaster. Young female school dropouts are another key target group. In the past ten years, the centre has trained students in courses such as computers, hairdressing and beauty treatment, restaurant service, domestic service and early childhood education, all free of charge.


Sandy Chou
ConnectEd China Program Manager,
World Education

Lin Guiyang
Director Corporate Social Responsibility,
Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.l

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