Defense forces respond smarter and faster with Alcatel-Lucent’s converged, mission-critical communications networks.

The broadening mandate of defense forces now includes everything from traditional warfare and humanitarian missions to protection against cyber-security threats. Defense communications planners must anticipate risk, coordinate logistics, and gather intelligence rapidly and accurately.

And they are turning to Alcatel-Lucent for help.

Our ultra-broadband communications platform handles mission-critical, bandwidth-hungry voice, video, and data traffic. It also eliminates IT silos that can lead to confusion and reduce response time.

Just as important, our platform has robust security features for higher bandwidth, cross-network management and built-in radio-link encryption.

Robust and efficient, our IP/MPLS-based, ultra-broadband network is paired with a 4G LTE communications platform. It incorporates off-the-shelf solutions to lower total cost of ownership and accelerate deployment of military services.

Our all-IP network also supports:

  • Data center consolidation for the evolution of defense networks to a private cloud architecture
  • Temporal geographic information systems
  • Mobile broadband applications such as video and geo-localization data
  • Any radio technology, facilitated by our IP backhaul transformation solution
  • A unified management platform that lowers total cost of network ownership

With communications solutions from Alcatel-Lucent, defense forces are better equipped to achieve their missions and promote a safer world.

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Solution at a Glance

Solution at a glance diagram