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Largest fiber-optic network for automated rail services in Brussels

Alcatel-Lucent and STIB, Belgium’s largest urban public transport operator, are to deploy a new broadband communication network capable of carrying all operational traffic needed to ensure communication and safety for the new fully automated driverless metro rail network in Brussels. Karel Van Oostveldt, Senior Manager Telecommunications of STIB said: “STIB’s development is based on performance [...]

Could 4G LTE be a successor to GSM-R in railway environments?

In railway environments, mission critical services, operation assistance services, and passenger services must be supported by reliable mobile communication systems. Long Term Evolution (LTE) is considered to be the natural evolution for the current Global System for Mobile Communications–Railways (GSM-R) in high speed railway environments, not only for its technical advantages and increased performance, but [...]

Tecrail project provides the foundation for adoption of LTE

SPAIN’s rail infrastructure manager Adif is responsible for managing the country’s 11,000km conventional mainline and 2,900km high-speed railway networks. With technological innovations promising to enhance efficiency in railway operations, the infrastructure manager is focusing on planning for the future of its railway operations by investing and participating in a new collaborative research and technical innovation [...]

With: A. Berrios Villalba, Adif’s head of innovation and technological development - 04 Dec 2012

Technological milestone as 2G and 3G mobile communication services go live in Eurotunnel

On July 26, David Meyer reported in ZDNet on the major launch of 2G and 3G services in the Channel Tunnel (Mobile services going live in the Channel Tunnel ahead of Olympics). Travelers on their way to England via high speed trains such as the Eurostar, will now be able to use their cell phones [...]

The best telecommunications for the longest railway tunnel in the world!

Demand for freight traffic in Switzerland will increase by up to 78% by 2030 according to studies conducted by the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development and transit traffic will grow even faster. By upgrading its railway infrastructure, Switzerland can meet these increasing needs while ensuring the quality of environment and the security of goods [...]

Communicating underground – light at the end of the tunnel

By TrackTalk editors As the global population becomes increasingly urbanized, tunnels are becoming part of daily life for more and more people. As well as overcoming natural barriers, tunnels are the arteries of the modern metropolis, and megacities depend on their underground infrastructure to function efficiently. The telecommunications network of the tunnel has to reflect [...]

Guaranteeing success in the world’s longest tunnels

The huge strides made in tunneling techniques in recent decades have allowed engineers to overcome formidable natural barriers, and these mega-structures continue to push further and deeper, with a string of technically-impressive projects underway or planned around the world. “Today’s rail passengers and rail operators increasingly expect to have uninterrupted access to mobile and high [...]

With: R. Sigrist, Alcatel-Lucent’s global centre for excellence rail/tunnel - 26 Apr 2012

Going underground

Life in today’s modern urban environment is very much an above and underground experience. As urban populations swelled during the 20th century transport planners found that they could no longer rely solely on a city’s increasingly gridlocked road network. In many cities the green light was consequently given to dig more tunnels that would provide [...]

With: R. Leucker, CEO of Stuva - 26 Apr 2012

AlpTransit Gotthard AG: The pival role of communications in tunnels

The Gotthard base tunnel will be the longest railway tunnel in the world at 57km when commercial operations begin at the end of 2016. Tunneling work on the twin tubes was completed in 2011, and now railway infrastructure installation is in full swing. This includes laying the track, mounting the catenary lines and installing the [...]

With: J. Elmiger, Chief Engineering Officer Railway Infrastructure, AlpTransit Gotthard AG - 26 Apr 2012

Eurotunnel: Enhancing communications beneath the seafloor

May 6th marks the 18th anniversary of one of the engineering wonders of the modern age. At 50.4km, the Channel Tunnel is the longest undersea tunnel in the world, reaching depths of up to 75m below sea level. On an average, more than 49,000 people pass through the twin tunnels between France and England each [...]

With: J. Keefe, Communications Director, Eurotunnel - 26 Apr 2012