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Metro automation – the route to high-capacity, high-flexibility urban mobility

The growth of cities and rising demand for urban mobility is putting even greater pressure on metro infrastructure, which in many cities dates back 100 years or more. However with automation, even the oldest metro lines can meet the needs of dynamic 21st century cities. Paris Transport Authority (RATP) has been a pioneer in the [...]

Automated metro technology continues to evolve with Alcatel-Lucent

Fixed and wireless communications network is critical for automated metro solutions offering metro rail operators improved performance, safety and security.

With: O. Andre, Railways Market Leader - 24 Feb 2014

Putting people first: Managing the transition from manual to automatic railway operations

For the metro automation project to succeed RATP had to reach a consensus with staff and unions and engaged in a marketing campaign to inform passengers.

With: P. Mancone, transport company (RATP) head of Paris Metro Line 1 - 24 Feb 2014

Paris Metro: How to successfully implement automation on existing line

Paris Metro Line 1 is setting the benchmark for an automation conversion project by successfully reducing headways and improving safety.

With: E. Janand, director of systems and mobility in RATP’s Department of Engineering - 24 Feb 2014

Developing effective strategies for metro automation

UTO brings major advantages to metro operations and the business case supports automation upgrades when existing equipment reaches life expiry.

With: O. Fafa, Director of Transport Systems - SYSTRA - 24 Feb 2014

Largest fiber-optic network for automated rail services in Brussels

Alcatel-Lucent and STIB, Belgium’s largest urban public transport operator, are to deploy a new broadband communication network capable of carrying all operational traffic needed to ensure communication and safety for the new fully automated driverless metro rail network in Brussels. Karel Van Oostveldt, Senior Manager Telecommunications of STIB said: “STIB’s development is based on performance [...]

REFER Telecom: Migrating networks to a unified IP/MPLS-based train control communications infrastructure

REFER Telecom migrates its communication networks to a converged IP/MPLS multi-service platform supporting mission-critical services such as signalling.

With: J. Figueiras, head of data networks, Refer Telecom, Portugal - 04 Nov 2013

Defining a transition path to IP-based railway communications

Rail operators can benefit from IP/MPLS network which securely support any mission-critical application while reducing the total cost of ownership.

With: D. Mandoc, Chairman, European Radio Implementation Group, International Union of Railways (UIC) - 04 Nov 2013

Do more with less by adopting a converged IP/MPLS network

IP/MPLS’ cost-effectiveness and capability allowing a single, multiservice and converged communications network makes it railway operators’ preferred choice.

With: B. Leridon, Business Development Manager, IP Division, Alcatel-Lucent - 04 Nov 2013

IP transformation for Milan metro improves efficiency and reduces costs

ATM’s Stefano Pasetti on Milan metro’s experience of converging its rail communications networks to IP for improved efficiency and reduced costs.

With: S. Pasetti, director of mobile and telecommunications, ATM - 04 Nov 2013