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Automation of metro lines – Sharing key success factors to enhance performance

Social View

Putting people first: Managing the transition from manual to automatic railway operations

The passenger journey experience on Paris Metro Line 1 has changed dramatically over the past four years. Platform screen …

With: P. Mancone, transport company (RATP) head of Paris Metro Line 1

Economic View

Developing effective strategies for metro automation

"Everything is acquired new with automation in mind, so automation does not represent a huge investment from a capital point …

With: O. Fafa, Director of Transport Systems - SYSTRA

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February 2014 - This issue of TrackTalk focuses on the role telecommunications has played in Paris’ successful conversion of Line 1, and considers what other operators contemplating conversion projects can learn from RATP and other’s experiences from around the world, in four articles written from four different perspectives.



Paris Metro: How to successfully implement automation on existing line

Paris Transport Authority (RATP), the world’s fifth largest public transport company which operates services in Paris and …

With: E. Janand, director of systems and mobility in RATP’s Department of Engineering

Expert View

Automated metro technology continues to evolve with Alcatel-Lucent

Cities that offer seamless public transport through networks of centrally-controlled automatic trains are no longer the work …

With: O. Andre, Railways Market Leader