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LTE: The future of airport technology

An airport is a city within a city with millions of transit passengers and where tens of thousands of people work. It also houses hundreds of companies: airlines, assistance or service companies, shops, security companies, government and civil security agencies, air traffic managers etc. These passengers and companies all need an ultra-broadband mobile communications network. [...]

When to expect mission-critical voice services with LTE networks?

Curious about the latest developments in mission critical communications for public safety? This year’s International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) was one of the best places to see and learn about the latest communications technologies. LTE is being adopted as the next generation wireless technology for First Responder communications globally.  Initially, LTE networks were intended to augment [...]

What’s the one thing you can’t do without in a natural disaster?

When Superstorm Sandy raked the U.S. in October 2012, it not only impacted 24 coastal states from Florida to Maine, but also reached  hundreds of miles inland across the Appalachian Mountains to places such as Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin. In total it caused massive destruction and displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, with financial [...]

Emergency ICT Comes Through for Calgary during Flood Crisis

Facing catastrophic flooding, Calgary, Alberta switched its 32 business units to a new IP/MPLS-based communications system in a matter of hours.

With: H. Reed-Fenske, Manager of Innovation and Collaboration and David Basto, Vin Bhola, and Sylvain Mayer, of the Calgary City Net (CCN) project team - 10 Dec 2013

Harris County: Investing in Communications to Protect Millions of Texans

Encompassing Houston, the fourth largest USA city, Harris County set up long-term strategic plan for ICT to better protect life, property and the local economy in the face of natural disasters.

With: M. Sloan, Emergency Management Coordinator, Harris County, Texas - 10 Dec 2013

Social Media, Relationships Boost Emergency Communications

New media platforms have dramatically changed the dynamics of communications in natural disaster situations, creating both challenges and opportunities.

With: M. L. Doerfel, PhD, Associate Professor, Communication, Rutgers University - 10 Dec 2013

Interoperability, Flexibility Essential for ICT during Natural Disasters

In emergency situations, to successfully coordinate multiple agencies and their missions a highly resilient network is required – secure, reliable, flexible, and interoperable – allowing emergency managers to make better decisions that support their responding organizations.

With: S. Jennings, Executive Director, Public Safety, Alcatel-Lucent - 09 Dec 2013

4G LTE trial for Las Vegas first responders

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department, along with the Nevada Department of Transportation and other first responders, and Alcatel-Lucent conducted a six-month trial of a 4G LTE public safety network in a designated section of the city of Las Vegas in the United States, using 700 MHz spectrum. Michael Barnbeck, Director, Radio Systems Bureau, of the Las [...]

The essential revolution: How public safety is about to change forever – The FirstNet example

Bombs at the Boston Marathon were followed by speedy and massive coordination of law enforcement on all levels to quickly identify, track and neutralize the suspected terrorists who had set them off. This incident provided dramatic reminder of the critical nature of interoperable public safety communications, and the unprecedented power of dynamic rich media such [...]

City of Charlotte Ready for FirstNet Development

Charlotte, North Carolina is ready to deploy a regional LTE public safety project and serve as pilot site for the FirstNet.

With: C. Robinson, Director of Shared Services for the City of Charlotte and Chair of the FCC’s Technical Advisory Board for First Responder Interoperability for FirstNet - 14 May 2013

Looking Ahead to FirstNet

FirstNet’s data-rich applications will act as game changers for how public safety is conducted, requiring partnerships and new models of technology use and control.

With: K. Budka, CTO, Strategic Industries, Alcatel-Lucent and Vice-Chair of the FCC’s Technical Advisory Board for First Responder Interoperability for FirstNet - 14 May 2013

Utilities Could be Key Partners in FirstNet Success

Utility companies can help defray FirstNet costs in significant ways through investment and contribution of essential infrastructure.

With: B. Kilbourne, Deputy General Counsel, Utilities Telecom Council - 14 May 2013

FirstNet Poised to Create Dramatic Changes

FirstNet’s national interoperable broadband communications system will change the way public safety is viewed and conducted in the United States.

With: H. McEwen, Chairman of FirstNet’s Public Safety Advisory Committee - 14 May 2013

Demonstrating Voice-over-IMS Interoperability on FirstNet LTE Mobile Broadband Network

Alcatel-Lucent has carried out a key demonstration of its Voice-over-IMS and RCS presence technology to the Board of FirstNet (the First Responder Network Authority) in US, an important step in the adoption of industry standards-based Public Safety LTE in broadband voice and data communications for emergency services. The demonstration, conducted at the Boulder, Colorado laboratories [...]

A special program on FirstNet ‘one year later’

Watch the Broadband US TV webcast – a special program on FirstNet ‘one year later’ – hosted by Jim Baller and Marty Stern, with the following guests: Laura Pettus, Program Manager, NTIA Public Safety Interoperable Communications Grant Program Dr. Andrew Afflerbach, CEO/Director of Engineering – CTC Technology & Energy Jeff Cohen, Chief Counsel, Law and [...]

On trial: Mobile broadband for public safety shown at Iowa State Fair

The Iowa Statewide Interoperability Communications Systems Board and Alcatel-Lucent have demonstrated the role of 4G LTE mobile broadband in enhancing the sharing of critical information between public safety teams. At the internationally acclaimed Iowa State Fair (August 13-16th, 2012) – which attracts more than a million visitors each year from around the globe including key [...]

New mobile access to multiple simultaneous video feeds using LTE

Live streaming video from cameras is being received and managed in dispatch and command centers in many large cities.  This is helping improve situational awareness and decision making. The challenge is how to make this information along with operational data such as floor plans, schematics, and high resolution images that are relevant to a situation [...]

TWC 2012 interview: Alcatel-Lucent’s Philippe Agard on the 400MHz broadband solution for public safety

An interesting article from Wireless magazine, interviewing Philippe Agard, VP of business development for public safety about the integrated LTE 400MHz PMR solution, called Evercor. Agard explains why using LTE commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology developed for the mobile phone market is specifically relevant for the public safety community and other business critical PMR users. Indeed, they [...]

40% productivity improvement, 25% reduction in network downtime or the reduction of alarms by factor 100!

Around the world, public safety organizations rely heavily on private telecommunications networks to ensure mission-critical operations. Police forces, fire departments, emergency medical services, government authorities and others often operate their own TETRA networks for mission critical communications. Today, these TETRA network operators are under heavy pressure to improve their communications services (availability, coverage and support [...]

Catch up with major demos at TETRA World Congress 2012

Alcatel-Lucent was a sponsor of TETRA World Congress 2012 in Dubai, the meeting place of the Critical Communications community and TETRA users. Alcatel-Lucent had a strong presence at this event with four speaking slots and a booth where we disclosed and demonstrated very innovative solutions for the Public safety industry. For those who would like to [...]