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Modern communications technology is the best choice for power grid Teleprotection

Power utilities rely on reliable, fast and secure transport of mission-critical traffic to monitor, analyze, control and maintain the grid. Of all the legacy applications utilities rely on, Teleprotection has the most stringent requirements – particularly in terms of delay. Many power utilities have deployed a new operational communications network to carry both new and [...]

Jamais 2 sans 3 !

‘Jamais 2 sans 3′ is a French proverb which could be translated in English as ’things come in threes’. That’s what happened to our 7705 SAR (Service Aggregation Router) product family, as the Alcatel-Lucent 7705 SAR-Hc won the “2014 Smart Grid Product of the Year” award issued by TMCnet. This is coming after previous awards for the [...]

What is your largest risk when migrating to IT?

To most people change equals risk, and the electric power industry is facing one of its biggest changes ever: the migration to advanced communications and control technology based on IP.  So, does that mean that power utilities are facing their largest risks ever? For some, perhaps. As with any change there are traps and pitfalls [...]

Investing in IP Technology: 10 Key Strategies for Value

The factors for planning IP/MPLS investments can be varied and extensive, depending on a power utility’s business focus, budget and regulatory environment.

With: M. Burke, Vice President, Intelligent Networks and Communications, DNV – GL (formally KEMA Inc.) - 20 Jan 2014

Managing the IP Evolution Within and Outside of the Organization

Achieving the benefits of IP is tied to the social challenge of fully assimilating the new technology.

With: R. Katz, Ph.D., Director of Business Strategy Research, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information - 20 Jan 2014

Planning the Path to IP Success: Reliability, Security and Efficiency

A single IP/MPLS network offer power utilities flexibility, support for both legacy, IP and smart grid applications, scalability and easy management.

With: B. Vrancken, Utilities Solutions Architect, Alcatel-Lucent - 20 Jan 2014

Creos Luxembourg: Learning to Get the Most from IP/MPLS

Creos Luxembourg replaced TDM-based system to a single IP/MPLS communications network supporting smart grid applications and teleprotection.

With: P. Colling, Creos Communications Expert - 20 Jan 2014

Extending IP/MPLS Benefits into Distribution: How does it Address the Challenges?

IP/MPLS is widely deployed in the transmission and sub-transmission layers of the power grid to support its communications. In a video interview at DistribuTECH 2013, Kamal Ballout, Vice President of Solutions, discusses the challenges of extending communications in support of new Smart Grid applications in distribution and how IP/MPLS is extended to support it with [...]

TMCnet’s Smart Grid Product of the Year goes to Alcatel-Lucent!

Alcatel-Lucent has been awarded the TMCnet ‘SmartGrid Product of the Year’ award with one of the leading IP routing platforms – the 7705 Service Aggregation Router (7705 SAR-H).

An insightful TMCnet article about Dynamic Communications to Optimize Smart Grids

Consumers have increasingly come to expect uninterrupted power. In her article, Mae Kowalke explains why, in order to keep pace with this demand, power utilities should start turning to the power of the smart grids. She explains how the key to smart grids is a dynamic communications network and shows that, despite the cost involved [...]