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How did a midsize city join the ranks of the world’s most advanced cities with Ultra Broadband technology?

Can a midsize city with a limited budget create a cost-effective fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for smart grid as well as for consumer broadband access and triple play services? In the latest issue of Alcatel-Lucent’s GridTalk, Jim Baller, who advises the electric utility industry as President of the Baller Herbst Law Group, states, “one size doesn’t [...]

Community-Wide Broadband: Planning for a Connected Future

The extensive fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband project for smart grid and triple play undertaken by Opelika, Alabama, population 28,000, can serve as a model for communities looking to better their quality of life and support new business development. Though one size doesn’t fit all, communities looking to follow in Opelika’s footsteps can start planning for their connected future by considering a common set of economic factors.

With: J. Baller, President of the Baller Herbst Law Group - 14 Mar 2014

Committing to the Citizens: Opelika’s Broadband Game-Changer

Frustration with the local cable television service in the late 2000s set Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller on a path that has resulted in a new Ultra Broadband network – the most advanced in Alabama – that will enhance every aspect of its social fabric, now and in the future.

With: G. Fuller, Mayor of Opelika, Alabama - 14 Mar 2014

Success Strategies: Making Municipal Ultra Broadband Work

Municipal Ultra Broadband can provide a better quality of life and competitive advantages – especially when it is leveraged to support both utility and consumer services.

With: M. Madden, Regional Vice President, North American Utilities, Alcatel-Lucent - 14 Mar 2014

Connected: Opelika’s Ultra Broadband Supports Smart Grid and Advanced Consumer Services

In Opelika, Alabama (population 28,000), a new Ultra Broadband network based on fiber optic that spans the entire city has not only provided the infrastructure for a smart grid, but already is giving residents and businesses the opportunity to access high-quality voice, high-speed data and video services, including lightning-fast Internet access, IPTV and video-on-demand services.

With: D. Horton, Director and J. Owens, Manager of Marketing and Communications, of Opelika Power Services - 14 Mar 2014

One of the fastest internet service creates jobs

Chattanooga, Tennessee home of one of the country’s fastest and least expensive Internet services is catching the eye of NY Times which has published an interesting article in the earlier this week. For less than US$70 a month, Chattanooga can transfer data at one gigabit per second, 50 times the average speed for homes in [...]

What is the most impressive thing about a UTelco?

By Michael Roney What’s the most impressive thing about a UTelco business, when a utility leverages assets to provide its service area with data, voice and video services? Is it the fact that a UTelco can provide a new revenue source in tough times, or a way for a utility to fund its smart grid [...]

Tapping into UTelco business opportunities

The ongoing worldwide deployment of smart grid communications technology is creating unprecedented business opportunities for utilities looking to enter the telecom market — as long as they are able to match their assets with favorable regulatory and competitive factors. Due diligence requires engaging with experts to help generate and justify the business case and understand the operational requirements. Once that is completed and a utility forges ahead, the results can be impressive.

With: L. Hunt, Global Vice President, Utilities Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent - 27 Sep 2012

AltaLink, Canada: Sharing experience about IP transformation

Clint Struth, Principal Engineer – Telecommunications, and Cory Struth, Network Architect, AltaLink Management Ltd. revealed during an interview how to maintain and improve critical network technology in a market environment where TDM and ATM availability is declining and costs are escalating, and also where service requirements of power utilities and consumers are increasingly becoming IP-based. [...]

EPB Chattanooga: customers at the center of the Smart Grid’s future

As the Smart Grid revolution plays out over the next 15 to 20 years, customers are likely to be the driving force and chief beneficiaries of new energy-centric applications that will fundamentally change their lifestyles. “These days we’re used to instant information, to quick response, and to having control over a lot more things in [...]

With: H. DePriest, President and CEO, Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB) - 05 Dec 2011