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How did a midsize city join the ranks of the world’s most advanced cities with Ultra Broadband technology?

Can a midsize city with a limited budget create a cost-effective fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for smart grid as well as for consumer broadband access and triple play services? In the latest issue of Alcatel-Lucent’s GridTalk, Jim Baller, who advises the electric utility industry as President of the Baller Herbst Law Group, states, “one size doesn’t [...]

Community-Wide Broadband: Planning for a Connected Future

The extensive fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband project for smart grid and triple play undertaken by Opelika, Alabama, population 28,000, can serve as a model for communities looking to better their quality of life and support new business development. Though one size doesn’t fit all, communities looking to follow in Opelika’s footsteps can start planning for their connected future by considering a common set of economic factors.

With: J. Baller, President of the Baller Herbst Law Group - 14 Mar 2014

Committing to the Citizens: Opelika’s Broadband Game-Changer

Frustration with the local cable television service in the late 2000s set Opelika Mayor Gary Fuller on a path that has resulted in a new Ultra Broadband network – the most advanced in Alabama – that will enhance every aspect of its social fabric, now and in the future.

With: G. Fuller, Mayor of Opelika, Alabama - 14 Mar 2014

Success Strategies: Making Municipal Ultra Broadband Work

Municipal Ultra Broadband can provide a better quality of life and competitive advantages – especially when it is leveraged to support both utility and consumer services.

With: M. Madden, Regional Vice President, North American Utilities, Alcatel-Lucent - 14 Mar 2014

Connected: Opelika’s Ultra Broadband Supports Smart Grid and Advanced Consumer Services

In Opelika, Alabama (population 28,000), a new Ultra Broadband network based on fiber optic that spans the entire city has not only provided the infrastructure for a smart grid, but already is giving residents and businesses the opportunity to access high-quality voice, high-speed data and video services, including lightning-fast Internet access, IPTV and video-on-demand services.

With: D. Horton, Director and J. Owens, Manager of Marketing and Communications, of Opelika Power Services - 14 Mar 2014

Partnering with Schneider Electric – The Power of One

Don’t miss the new post from Veronique Addi, Alcatel-Lucent’s Director Business Development on Schneider Electric, showcasing the power of Smart Energy and Dynamic Communications, the POWER OF ONE!

What if all substations become truly smart?

On June 4th, at the Smart Grid Paris 2013 event, RTE and partners announced their exciting new joint venture in the realm of Smart Grids. The Smart Substations project will be a world first, encouraging a transition in energy production towards renewable energy, so Alcatel-Lucent is very excited to play a part. The project will [...]

An insightful TMCnet article about Dynamic Communications to Optimize Smart Grids

Consumers have increasingly come to expect uninterrupted power. In her article, Mae Kowalke explains why, in order to keep pace with this demand, power utilities should start turning to the power of the smart grids. She explains how the key to smart grids is a dynamic communications network and shows that, despite the cost involved [...]

Building for the New Creative Economy

For years John Eger, the former Director of the White House Office of Telecommunication Policy and now Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University, has been arguing that municipalities need to think seriously about getting into the telecom business. Why? Because he believes that they’re in the best position to equip citizens for a sea change in the economy.

With: J. Eger, Van Deerlin Endowed Professor of Communications and Public Policy and Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University - 27 Sep 2012

UTelcos offer unprecedented potential for utilities and regional economies

Utilities from around the world are recognizing that the right mix of assets, market demand and regulatory landscape offers significant potential for becoming a UTelco. The benefits range from unprecedented ROI to a stronger economic platform for the entire service region, but it’s up to each utility to make a judgment on what size market it can easily access and capture, with wholesale remaining a near-term sweet spot.

With: P. Moray, Head of Energy and Utilities Telecoms at Mott MacDonald; and Director, European Utilities Telecom Council - 27 Sep 2012