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One of the fastest internet service creates jobs

Chattanooga, Tennessee home of one of the country’s fastest and least expensive Internet services is catching the eye of NY Times which has published an interesting article in the earlier this week. For less than US$70 a month, Chattanooga can transfer data at one gigabit per second, 50 times the average speed for homes in [...]

What is your largest risk when migrating to IT?

To most people change equals risk, and the electric power industry is facing one of its biggest changes ever: the migration to advanced communications and control technology based on IP.  So, does that mean that power utilities are facing their largest risks ever? For some, perhaps. As with any change there are traps and pitfalls [...]

An insightful TMCnet article about Dynamic Communications to Optimize Smart Grids

Consumers have increasingly come to expect uninterrupted power. In her article, Mae Kowalke explains why, in order to keep pace with this demand, power utilities should start turning to the power of the smart grids. She explains how the key to smart grids is a dynamic communications network and shows that, despite the cost involved [...]

Toothpaste and telecoms: where does Saxony get its energy for innovation?

During a bit of idle, late night surfing, I came across (as you do), the inventor of modern-day toothpaste. Of course, ancient Egyptians cleaned their teeth with some kind of paste, and the Chinese invented the toothbrush. But apparently it was left to pharmacist Ottomar Heinsius von Mayenburg, from Dresden in the German state of [...]

The A to Z of LTE for the utilities industry

Today, the 4G technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE) is gaining lot of traction counting already more than 80 LTE commercial services, and another 144 expected to be operational by the end of 2012 as reported by The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) in June 2012. So after the excitement and massive adoption by telcos, [...]

Building for the New Creative Economy

For years John Eger, the former Director of the White House Office of Telecommunication Policy and now Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University, has been arguing that municipalities need to think seriously about getting into the telecom business. Why? Because he believes that they’re in the best position to equip citizens for a sea change in the economy.

With: J. Eger, Van Deerlin Endowed Professor of Communications and Public Policy and Director of the Creative Economy Initiative at San Diego State University - 27 Sep 2012

Alcatel-Lucent at the board of UTC’s Smart Networks Council (SNC)

We’re pleased to announce that Mark Madden, Regional Vice President for Utility Markets in Alcatel-Lucent’s Americas Region, was elected this week to the board of the Utilities Telecoms Council (UTC) Smart Networks Council (SNC).  Mark has become a recognized thought leader on Smart Grid communications, drawing on 30 years of telecommunications experience and many years [...]

EPB Chattanooga: customers at the center of the Smart Grid’s future

As the Smart Grid revolution plays out over the next 15 to 20 years, customers are likely to be the driving force and chief beneficiaries of new energy-centric applications that will fundamentally change their lifestyles. “These days we’re used to instant information, to quick response, and to having control over a lot more things in [...]

With: H. DePriest, President and CEO, Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB) - 05 Dec 2011

Dealing with the Smart Grid’s key drivers and challenges

The Internet we depend on every day for an amazing diversity of business, recreation, social and entertainment activities has changed unimaginably from the few static websites that appeared on our browsers in 1995 or even 2000. As we now try to look forward to the full realization of the Smart Grid in the years ahead, [...]

With: K. Ballout, Vice President - Energy System Integration Division, Alcatel-Lucent - 05 Dec 2011

Managing change for the Smart Grid

The Smart Grid of the future will change our lives. It will impact our business landscape, the energy marketplace and the ways in which we interact socially and culturally. It also will enhance control and convenience in the industrialized world while enabling positive social progress in developing nations. When and how well these benefits gain [...]

With: C. Hertzog, consultant, author and Managing Director, Smart Grid Library - 05 Dec 2011