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Success Strategies: Making Municipal Ultra Broadband Work

Municipal Ultra Broadband can provide a better quality of life and competitive advantages – especially when it is leveraged to support both utility and consumer services.

With: M. Madden, Regional Vice President, North American Utilities, Alcatel-Lucent - 14 Mar 2014

Planning the Path to IP Success: Reliability, Security and Efficiency

A single IP/MPLS network offer power utilities flexibility, support for both legacy, IP and smart grid applications, scalability and easy management.

With: B. Vrancken, Utilities Solutions Architect, Alcatel-Lucent - 20 Jan 2014

Tapping into UTelco business opportunities

The ongoing worldwide deployment of smart grid communications technology is creating unprecedented business opportunities for utilities looking to enter the telecom market — as long as they are able to match their assets with favorable regulatory and competitive factors. Due diligence requires engaging with experts to help generate and justify the business case and understand the operational requirements. Once that is completed and a utility forges ahead, the results can be impressive.

With: L. Hunt, Global Vice President, Utilities Business Development, Alcatel-Lucent - 27 Sep 2012

Dealing with the Smart Grid’s key drivers and challenges

The Internet we depend on every day for an amazing diversity of business, recreation, social and entertainment activities has changed unimaginably from the few static websites that appeared on our browsers in 1995 or even 2000. As we now try to look forward to the full realization of the Smart Grid in the years ahead, [...]

With: K. Ballout, Vice President - Energy System Integration Division, Alcatel-Lucent - 05 Dec 2011

Protecting the smart grid with today’s solutions

The primary objective of the smart grid is securing the supply of energy and making sure that it will remain viable in the future. That means that we must keep grid itself safe from malicious attack or misuse while protecting the privacy of rich consumer data it generates.  Although security considerations in the smart grid [...]

With: P. Johnson, Vice-President Smart Grid, Alcatel-Lucent - 14 Jul 2011