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Ultra Broadband and Smart Grid – Boosting quality of life and economic development

Social View

Committing to the Citizens: Opelika’s Broadband Game-Changer

"The internet speed is a big deal to the young people, so we think that we are going to be attracting a younger demographic …

With: G. Fuller, Mayor of Opelika, Alabama

Economic View

Community-Wide Broadband: Planning for a Connected Future

The extensive fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband project for smart grid and triple play undertaken by Opelika, Alabama, …

With: J. Baller, President of the Baller Herbst Law Group

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March 2014 - This issue of GridTalk looks at how Opelika can be a model for communities everywhere that are ready to boost not only their energy efficiency, but their economic platform and quality of life. Four experts provide their perspectives on the economic, social and technical considerations that go into such an initiative, identifying key challenges, highlighting their own experiences and providing a blueprint for the future.



Connected: Opelika’s Ultra Broadband Supports Smart Grid and Advanced Consumer Services

In Opelika, Alabama (population 28,000), a new Ultra Broadband network based on fiber optic that spans the entire city has …

With: D. Horton, Director and J. Owens, Manager of Marketing and Communications, of Opelika Power Services

Expert View

Success Strategies: Making Municipal Ultra Broadband Work

Municipal Ultra Broadband can provide a better quality of life and competitive advantages – especially when it is …

With: M. Madden, Regional Vice President, North American Utilities, Alcatel-Lucent